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  • Re-IP from HQ/GVS

    After making a copy of Shoretel server, I can access to Shoretel Director. I can not re-IP to new one from Application Server (It said "You may not have modify to config database). I went to registry and changed from there. Reboot server, access back to Application server and it still showed old IP. Verified the one from registry and it showed new IP. I noticed Shoretel Director Utili service is stopped. Tried to start it but it kept failed. Thank you.

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    A number of things can make that service fail. Either a corruption from a hot copy or user right issues with the service.

    I would just uninstall and reinstall the software myself. If the reinstall fails you may have a database corruption but you can still recover it if you still have the original running
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      FYI there is a specific process you need to go through to change the IP on a server without re-installing the software. It's been a few years and i think if you do search it's covered here but believe its:

      1. Change the IP in Director (application servers)
      2. Change the IP in the registry
      3. There is a command to re-register the Com+ services
      4. Then change the IP on the NIC and restart.

      Obviously you want to do a backup of everything first.