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  • How to setup Email notification from Shoretel Director

    I am looking where to setup email notification from Shoretel Director so email notifications can send out to admin email address for any issues. Thank you.

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    if you set the notices to any and all you will get loads of useless information. You might want to selectively configure only what matters to you.

    Classic ShoreTel location: Shoreware director->Event Filters:
    Connect location: Maintenance tab> Event filters:

    Personally 119,1310,1342 and 1319 are the most used

    Switch Codes:
    106 Error Switch <ShoreGear SwitchHost Name>:
    Task exception occurred.

    System automatically restarting.

    The ShoreGear switch experienced an internal error and is

    Contact ShoreTel Customer Support and be prepared to
    provide the ipbx and tmsncc log files for further analysis.

    116 Error <ShoreGear Switch Host Name> Lost
    connection to switch <ShoreGear Switch Host Name>.

    The switch is unable to communicate with the other Shore-
    Gear switch specified in the event.

    The switches will not be able to place calls to each other.

    The remote switch identified in the event may be turned off
    or disconnected from the network.

    Check the switch in question to confirm that it is powered on
    and connected to the network.

    If the switch is properly connected to the network, use
    ShoreTel Director to verify that it is properly configured.
    If you see event ID 205 and 206, update the configuration
    and power cycle the switch.

    After restart, confirm network visibility and the switch’s

    117 Information Switch <ShoreGear Switch Host
    Name>: Established connection to switch <ShoreGear
    Switch Host Name>.

    The switch has established a connection with the other
    ShoreGear switch and the two switches are communicating
    with each other.

    No action.

    119 Warning Switch <ShoreGear Switch Host Name>:
    Excessive number of packets lost from <ShoreGear
    Switch Host Name>.

    The switch is experiencing an excessive number of lost

    Verify that your network configuration meets ShoreTel

    233 Warning TMS has disconnected from switch “<Shore-
    Gear Switch Host Name>” (<ShoreGear Switch IP
    Address>). This may be as a result of a network outage,
    administrative action, or unexpected switch behavior.

    TMS is reporting that it cannot communicate with the switch.

    The disconnect is typically caused by a network-related
    problem such as outage or degraded performance.
    Correct the network problem.

    (The event also appears when the switch is taken offline for

    234 Information TMS has connected to switch “<ShoreGear
    Switch Host Name>” (<ShoreGear Switch IP Address>).

    TMS has detected a switch and opened communications with
    the device.

    No action.

    805 Error The notification server has lost connectivity with a
    notification client. This may indicate a network outage or
    unexpected client behavior. Client:
    <name of affected
    service> Status: <error code>.

    Usually indicates that one of the ShoreWare services crashed
    without properly closing its connection.

    No action, when related to a service failure.

    In other instances, check for network outages.
    Distributive Routing Service (DRS)

    3108 Information The Distributed Routing Service reconnected
    to this switch: %n%1 DRS has re-established communications
    with the specified switch.

    No action.

    3109 Information The Distributed Routing Service failed to
    connect to this switch:

    Network connectivity may be lost to the specified switch, or
    the switch may be down.

    Fix network connectivity issues, and confirm that the switch is

    1310 Error Switch <ShoreGear Switch Host Name>: T1
    framing error <specific error>.

    The T1 switch is experiencing framing errors.

    Check the cabling. Contact your service provider.

    1319 Warning <ShoreGear Switch Host Name>:
    Emergency Services Call on port <IPAddress of phone>
    from <User Name> at <Extension>

    1342 Error Switch <ShoreGear Switch Host Name>: T1
    signal error <specific error>.

    D-Channel Down (newer releases only)

    Check the cabling. Contact your service provider.

    Lance Paddock
    BTX | Business Telephone eXchange
    1(800) 289-0299


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      Thank you for details. I will set them up.