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  • Hunt Groups, Multiple Schedules

    Please forgive me, but I was designated the Administrator for our company, and up until now, I've done basic administrative tasks but was just asked for something out of the ordinary.

    We have 2 Hunt Groups listed -- the first contains 3 Extensions and is set to Ring up to 4 times on our primary DID Number. After 4 Rings, it moves to the second Hunt Group (no DID set) with a lot more Extensions so someone will eventually answer the call.

    They now want to make an exception for one day a week (Wednesdays) where different Extensions will ring for the first 4 Rings, but the same Extensions in the second Hunt Group.

    I figured out how to create two new Schedules (Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri) and a second for Wed only.

    However, I tried to Copy the first Hunt Group (where our primary DID is selected) and it's saying "There are no numbers available for the selected DID range".

    My thinking was the first Hunt Group had to have the DID selected but all others after the first one do not. But apparently I can't have two Hunt Groups with the DID selected -- which I thought I would need if I had the two different day Schedules.

    I hope I'm explaining this adequately. Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Just uncheck the enable DID option and build your new hunt groups. When you have the hunt groups the way you expect uncheck the enable DID option from the original hunt group and assign it to your new group.

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