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  • 'Mitel' phones on Connect

    Anyone put the 'Mitel' phones on Connect yet? Stable?

    I am looking for a definative list of what they can't do that the 400 series can do. The only things I have been able to detemine is that they do not support the edge gateway.

    Is it 100% feature parity beside that?


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    There are also some limits around BCAs that I have seen, but we are still working on the exact state of things ourselves.


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      Suprised there isn't a tech article about the differences.


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        There is a note about cloud and the differences between 400 sets and 6900s, but given how many differences there are between cloud and prem and then the fact that they updated the firmware for prem to support non-cloud features it does not help much IMHO for prem discussions. I expect to see one soon, but the code only landed last week so it is still all fresh.