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  • ShoreTel 14.2 -- CDR question

    Hello! Hoping someone can shed some light. I've been asked to pull some CDR data for a user. I typically use a combination of Trunk Activity Detail Reports and User Activity Detail Reports to then dig into the TMSNcc logs for these requests. Sometimes also using the web communicator client to pull routing slips.

    I have a weird scenario that I'm unsure about... One of the calls in question does appear on my Trunk Activity Detail Report. It shows an outbound call by the user in question that was 11 seconds in duration and from what I see in the TMSNcc, everything for the associated GUID seems normal... HOWEVER.. this call DOES NOT appear on the same user's User Activity Report for the same date. I can see the call in the web communicator as well.

    My question is what is preventing this call from showing up on the User Activity Report?

    I had a similar one for this same user and per the TMSNcc, it appears the call didn't actually complete but resulted in a busy tone. I assumed this was the reason that call didn't appear on the User Activity Report. This one though seems like it established properly on both ends so I'm unsure as to why the User Activity Report didn't pick it up... (FWIW, my CDR options are set to *not* display unanswered calls which seemed to fit nicely forthe call with the 'busy' result but not so much for this other one...)

    Thanks for any help anyone can provide!

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