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  • What version of ShoreTel Connect Director is build 21.84.5543.0

    Hello all,

    We are trying to figure out what version of director we are using to make sure it isn't 14.2. I believe this build, 21.84.5543.0, is newer than 14.2, but I can't find any documentation. Is there a handy KB article or anything that correlates build numbers to version numbers? Or is such a thing even possible?


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    Don't worry about that, log out of director and at the screen you put your user name and password that should show you if you are on version 12, 13, 14, etc. and the build number right below the version you are on.
    Randy Wensmann
    [email protected]
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      Build 21 would be Connect and ST14.2 would be build 19 and as per the previous reply you should see something like this

      Mitel Connect Director
      Build 21.90.9743.0
      1998-2019 Mitel Networks Corporation. All rights reserved.
      This program is protected by US and international copyright laws.
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        Basically, if you see Connect then it is Connect and not 14.2.


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          build 21.84.5543.0 is R1707 sp2 it is Connect and was released 12/12/2017