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  • ShoreTel IP560g No MGC IP Configured

    Hey guys, I'm a ShoreTel noob and found a spare IP560g in my inherited office. One of the IP560g's we have in use is acting a bit strange -- our receptionist is reporting it completely shutting off at times and sometimes being on but not ringing. This phone has had an issue of getting hung up in wrap-up mode rather often, so I figured I would replace it with this extra 560g I have. However, it is telling me there is no MGC IP configured. Shouldn't the phone automatically download the configuration after I manually enter in the FTP server?

    I got the phone to get DHCP IP and I assigned the phone to myself to the point that everything looked good, but if I call my DID it goes straight to voicemail.

    Any tips appreciated!

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    Never mind! Scope option 156 wasn't properly configured!