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  • quotation marks causing Shortel - Software version 21.87.9727.0 to shut down

    We have this system and it worked fine and delivered the caller id when served by a soft switch. Changed carriers and moved to a native GTD5 switch, and caller id is causing system to crash. The caller id, when being delivered with quotation marks, is the source of the issue. The carrier is just delivering the caller id it gets from another carrier and cannot change. They turn off the delivery of caller id in the trunks and everything works fine. Is there any setting in the Shortel that needs to be configured to accommodate a native switch or the characters in the caller id?

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    What format is the caller ID passing thru the system and what format does your new carrier expect?

    Most called ID issues are usually digit count related vs symbol related. If you are double forwarding it could also be related to the caller id presentation order being wrong.
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      This only happens when the call comes from location outside the home switch of the system. The home switch just passes along whatever it is seeing from the carrier in this instance. The home carrier, does not do a dip into the LIDB database and cannot change what it receives. The calls are not double forwarding.