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  • e911 location by VLAN/IP?

    Hi all,
    We've got an existing on prem installation of Shoretel 14.2 (getting upgraded to on prem Connect this fall).
    Our office is in Michigan and we need to come into compliance with 911 location rules. As I understand it, we need to be able to have 911 know where someone is calling from within 7000 sq ft. Our building is 3 floors and holds 250-300 people. I think we'll need around 6 'zones' per floor.

    My goal is to have a system that requires little upkeep to keep accurate.

    My thought is to create around 18 VLAN's (6 per floor), and setup unique IP ranges within them (currently all 250-300 phones are on one /22 subnet). I can then map those IP ranges to 18 different DID/CESID's in Shoretel Director. We'd register those numbers with the physical locations in the building.

    We'd need to then go through all of our network switches and assign the ports to the corresponding VLAN that matches the physical location.
    My thinking here is that this will mean even if someone moves their phone, or signs into a phone in another part of the building, their location should be accurately reported.

    Does this sound right? am I missing anything?

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    You should be able to create an IP phone map to group the users to a specific location, then add a number to the Caller's Emergency Service Identification (CESID) field assigned to group of users.

    Edit their User's Group; then unchecked "send Caller ID as CESID" and "Send DID as CESID" in the "user group" now the CID used in the IP phone map will be used when emergency numbers are placed, but still send the user's CID or DID for standard outbound calls.

    I would still test with the emergency dispatch center to validate the incoming Caller ID received.
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      We are in Michigan too, I just gave everyone a DID, provided the carrier with the spreadsheet with the physical location of their phone (2nd Floor Northwest for example). Pro-Real easy, Real cheap. Con-Have to maintain this spreadsheet and update it as people move/leave/come on board. And re-submit to carrier every 6 months or so.
      Your idea is good too, I like the IP approach.