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  • CID and CNAM on ShoreTel Connect Build 21.84.5535.0

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here so hopefully someone has a similar issue and a fix we are getting desperate and out reseller is not being much help.

    We as a company need our Caller ID number (CID) and Caller ID Name (CNAM) to be controllable by a Customer Server Agent making an outbound call.
    A little background we have PRIs going in to our ShoreTel system. Our carrier is definitely allowing us to control the CNAM as I can create a Test Trunk with a CNAM of Testing 123 and a number of (888) 888-8888 and it will show up on POTS lines with this info.

    For a while we were able to get by with the capabilities of ShoreTel because this was a one to one relationship, meaning one Customer Service Rep only made calls for one of our customers at a time.The way this was done is setting the CSRs extension override to the (CID) and then create Trunk Groups with an adequate number of Trunk Ports assigned with an associated CNAM Override set.

    The problem we now face is that our Customer Service Reps need to be able to make outgoing calls for multiple Customers meaning they need the ability to call with a different CID and CNAM depending on which customer they are making calls for.

    We have utilized Bridged Call Appearances to get the CID correct but the Trunk Group seems like the only place that can control the CNAM. Since when assigning a User Group to multiple Trunk Groups we cannot control which one it uses we have no way to control the CNAM of the outbound call. As you may imagine this is a huge problem for us since we cannot be calling Customer As customers with Customer Bs name. Think of it like this. You receive a call from ShoreTel but the person on the phone is calling you regarding a matter with your Cisco account. Obviously not ideal.

    We are looking for some way to make the ShoreTel system send along the correct CID and CNAM by having our CSRs first choose a BCA then dial a number.

    Does anyone know of a way to make this happen? Even with an add-on would be fine.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    We are using the App Dialler application as we couldn't get the BCA method to work correctly or constantly albeit with SIP trunking rather than with PRI. May be worth a look?


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      Thank you very much for your response, I did look at that application and did not see that it explicitly called out CNAM vs. CID. The customers we are calling have primarily land lines so see a CNAM on their phones. It would be worth it to me to move to SIP trunks and App Dialer if I would be sure that the CNAM function would work. can you DM me a contact for App Dialer that could tell me for sure that this is the case?