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  • This ShoreTel server deleted !

    HI All
    I have a very "strange" problem with a 14.2 customer
    I got the following message in D & M/servers

    "This ShoreWare Server has been deleted from the Configuration database. Either this server has been deleted permanently or configuration changes are made to this server that caused this server to be deleted and added again. The Telephony Management Services on this server will be reintiailized and will remain in stand-by until the server is added again.Error=0x81010105 [2019/06/03 11:40:27.009 EST IP Address of a Switch] "

    Anyone come across this before ?
    The IP address of Switch relates to a site (not HQ) that has a SG50V and about 5 phones

    The system is operating normally (there is also ECC (not associated with the aforementioned site)
    and there is nothing in the system or application logs around that time stamp

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    The Shoretel server is actually the softswitch in the list of switches. Do you know when that started happening? It's possible the database got corrupt somehow. Are you the only admin or are their others?