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  • Voicemail to Outlook Delivery Issues

    Hello everyone, I recently inherited a ShoreTel set up and I'm rather new to system administration altogether, so bear with me here.

    I'm currently using Shoretel Director Small Business Edition 100 on build 19.43.7902.0.

    I have a few users that have their account set up to forward voicemails to their Outlook when they receive an email. Originally, they would've received a WAV file and have been able to listen to it on their iPhone or something while they were away but those stopped coming through with any attachments, they would just receive a blank email.

    In addition to this, there have been a few times when the emails won't deliver whatsoever to the users email. I haven't yet ruled out our spam filtering, but am curious how you would go about troubleshooting this problem?

    Thanks for any advice/tips on Shoretel/VoIP!

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    Check the users profile to make sure they are actually setup to receive the wav attachment first. Also check how mail is setup to relay from the shoretel server to your mail server. We used to just configure the server as a smart host to our mailserver. You can check the mail logs on the shoretel server to see what is happening to it, if it's not being delivered it will be in one of the folders that the OS users for mail.


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      There are two methods for voicemail/Outlook integration.

      The first is an Outlook Add-in that requires the Connect client to be running. It sounds like this is the method you are describing. From an iPhone/other device the message will just show up as blank, these are only able to be listened too from Outlook as there is a 'Play' button and the ability to control weather it will play back through the phone or computer speakers. Outlook is actively running on a PC with the connect client then these messages won't show up at all. This method is configured using the Connect Client > Settings > Voicemail > Outlook > Check the box that says 'Show my voicemails inline in my Outlook inbox' (note this method interacts with the actual voicemail in the user's voicemail box, i.e. if they listen to it here it will mark the voicemail as 'heard', if they delete it, it will delete from the voicemail box as well.

      The second method allows a copy to be forwarded as a .wav attachment to the user's mailbox. This can be set up also by the user in the Connect Client > Settings > Notifications > Voicemail > Check box 'Send email notification about incoming voicemail' (also sub checkbox 'Attach voicemail as a wave file'). This method can also be viewed/configured in Director under the user profile > Voicemail tab. (note that this method is just a copy that is forwarded to the user's mailbox, if they delete it from Outlook it will not delete it from their voicemail box). As bhaikalis stated above this method requires mail relay to be configured in Director.

      Both of these options can be turned on at the same time, just one of the two or neither.


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        Okay, so she is receiving the voicemail notifications no problem, but the email comes through empty without the .WAV file.


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          If this notice only exists in outlook and not in the offsite messages the end user emails are being blocked or filtered.
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            Email filtering was blocking it, thanks!