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  • New to VoIP - Dropped calls

    Hello everyone, I recently inherited a ShoreTel set up and I'm rather new to system administration altogether, so bear with me here.

    I'm currently using Shoretel Director Small Business Edition 100 on build 19.43.7902.0.

    The receptionist at this business get occasional calls dropped. The previous IT guy said it was due to the inbound calls coming from certain networks mobile devices when the towers are super busy, but I need to get to the bottom of this. The receptionist told me that the calls would sometimes drop immediately, and sometimes drop after 30-45 seconds, but there was no real trend to it unfortunately.

    As of recent, she will answer the phone and the call will drop immediately. I'm assuming this is due to improper gain settings or something, but as I stated earlier, I'm pretty much a noob to VoIP! I also don't know where I can even go to edit some of this settings in Director. Fortunately, this issue isn't exactly chronic, but it's understandably upsetting the 1-2 times it happens each day because the customer things we hung up on them. I've seen the Voice Quality triangle show red a few times as well in the Diagnostic side of Director, but don't know how to get to the root of the issue by viewing that screen.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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    Who is your carrier, what type of service are you getting from them (analog, pri, sip)? Is it only inbound, or does it happen to anyone making outbound calls, is the receptionist the only one saying that if so maybe it is bad local calls coming from same area? Have you asked the receptionist to start a log for you so you can track down where the calls are coming from or what trunk they are on? Have them get you date, time, inbound/outbound, CID if they are able to grab it, the more details you have the more you can lookup and start to work back towards your carrier if you think the prior person was wrong. Is it always happening with the same model phone SIP based or MGCP? Are all the phones on the same switch if you have more than one? Lots of things to start thinking about to logically work your way to an end result.
    Randy Wensmann
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      Thanks for the quick reply rwensmann! We are getting PRI from a local telecommunications provider. It seems to only happen on inbound calls and I've heard three receptionists from different departments all of similar complaints so it's not isolated to a single phone. We do have a few different phones on site, mainly Shoretel IP240s.

      I'll start having her create a log with that information.


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        I seriously doubt gain has anything to do with this. Gain is simply a volume knob on the pri channels. You need to first determine where the drop is coming from... the shoretel side or the carrier side. To do this you will want to telnet into the Shorete switch that the PRI is on. You then run a pri trace and get the debugs. This will tell you which side sends the request for disconnect. If it is comming from the carrier side, then you have the carrier look at the issue as there is nothing you can do from your end. If it is coming from the Shoretel side, then we can look at logs to get a little better idea. Not sure if you have any experience with reading a pri trace, but there are plenty of people here that can help look at it. If you have access to Mitels KB then you can look up
        "How to Determine the Reason for Disconnect from ISDN PRI" and there is a good article that goes into detail.