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  • Workgroup agent can't see calls in queue, or if the show up, can't answer them.

    We have this one user who for some reason seems to be having workgroup queue issues. In their own words:
    Iíve had this happen several times where either the queue doesnít come up for me or if I can see the personís name I cannot pick it up unless it starts to ring again. I have exited and completely closed out shoretel and opened it back up and its still doing the same thing.
    When this happens, I can remove them from the workgroup and re-add them, and they will function fine for a day or two. Then the problem comes back. It happens at least once every couple of days now. It does happen to other workgroup agents, although far less often. Some of them have worked here years and never had the issue once. They are all located in the same area, coming off the same equipment. Has anyone seen this before or have any ideas for troubleshooting this?

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    what version are you running and are they using workgroup agent licenses?