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  • 'Error 1935' on WIN 2012R2

    What: DVS Upgrade Failed: Error 1935, an error occurred during installation of assembly component. When: Migration from 14.2 to MiVoice Connect. Where: Windows Server 2012 R2. "Error 1935.An error occurred during the installation of assembly component {837bf1eb-d770-94eb-a01f-c8b3b9a1e18e}. HRESULT:0x80073712" while installing remote DVS server in the Windows 2012R2.

    Here is Mitel TaC response:

    Action Taken: >> Checked Server roles and feature. >> Advised partner the error we are getting Error code: 1935 is a Windows Environment Issue. Next Step: >> Advised we will need to re-image the Server. Or they may consult Window's Engineer and can go for their advise.

    Here is my response to TaC (keep in mind these servers we're already in production)

    the server issues totally made a mess of an upgrade. the servers where patched with updates to the build date of version of Connect. I don't see how this all got sideways. re imaging a production server is not acceptable. Mitel TaC will need to figure out what this issue is. contacting microsoft is NOT an easy task and really is out of the question. this is a Mitel provided server UC25.

    I had spare UC30 servers with WIN2016 on them that I had to configure real quick to get customer back up and going. All of this is just an FYI the customer had a mix of server 08 and 12
    all of the 08 servers upgraded without a hitch but both 12 servers had same error above. Has anyone came across this? google pointed this error to so many different things so it was not much help.

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    Did you verify you had all the necessary roles installed need for MiVoice Connect? There used to be a powershell script some where on this forum that i used to run to make sure all the necessary roles and features were installed before running the install. It could also be a corrupt install you downloaded as well.


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      Yes we double checked all the pre requisite and we used the same install files on 2 UC 30 servers with WIN2016 and it installed just fine. The system is up and running now and I will re-image the 2 UC 25 servers and see if I can get them back in service. I will post the findings for future reference for other's on this site.


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        I have seen this happen when the version of .net is messed up. What i mean by messed up is either the version is too far ahead without the previous assemblies being installed or the wrong version is installed all together.
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