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  • Need help pulling SQL queries from the server into Excel

    I'd like to be able to pull SQL queries that I do on the server into Excel. Is this done through an ODBC connection? I've never set up an ODBC connection before. What're the steps I need to take to get this setup? Were on Shoretel 14.2


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    Have you tried directly querying the database from Excel using the Data tab, get data, Database, SQL? You might be able to skip the ODBC portion. If you really want to setup ODBC it is done via the Windows Control Panel. I know this doesn’t completely answe your question but hopefully it helps a little.


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      SQLyog (community edition) has a copy option that sets the data from your query up in a format that is appropriate to paste into excel. Are you looking to do this programmatically or would a manual export like that work?


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        I'd like to not have to paste it every time into Excel. I would like it to just be there if possible.