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  • ECC competibility with Connect, and upgrade path

    I have a system that is running 14.2 BUILD 19.49.5200.0 and ECC CONTACT CENTER 9 GA18 ECC 506.8.2100.0
    I need to take this system to Connect 21.87.9727.0. So my first question do I have to update ECC and if so to which version.

    Than I will be updating the System to R1807-SP1 21.90.9738.0, SECOND QUESTION which ECC version I need to upgrade to.

    Or give me scenarios when updating 14.2 BUILD 19.49.5200.0 to CONNECT 21.87.9727.0 with having ECC 506.8.2100.0 runnig on.

    Thank you!

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    If you're going to go to connect, from memory you'll need to update ECC. I believe that the final ecc version (being retired as I understand it) is 507.85.3221.0


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      You will need to update to connect ECC, this moves you to a web page based client agent rather than one that can be integrated with the normal desktop client. At the moment we have deployments in a number of configurations, but the latest builds of both ECC and the PBX seem stable together and have some bug fixes from previous versions. Are there any killer features that you use now and cannot afford any impact on? (AD login to ecc, redundancy, integration of communicator and agent toolbar...) Those would be the reasons to maybe not move until you have evaluated if the changes in connect ECC are compatible with your needs.