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  • DTMF Tones

    So we just installed a QSC DSP system in our boardroom. It is connected to our Shoretel system via a POTS line. When we go to dial any kind of "bridge" (i.e. Webex) we have problems when entering the meeting number. You can enter the number on the QSC panel but the numbers aren't translating properly to Webex. The installer that installed the QSC system said that there is an issue with either the DTMF tone duration or the level. Can anyone point me to where I can make these changes? Or can anyone tell me what else might be going wrong?

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    have you done any logging between the server and the device to see what digits are being sent and what the server is receiving?


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      Do you have problems if you dial into the same bridge with a normal ShoreTel phone? Connected with POTS lines this sounds to me like a problem with the QSC DSP not the ShoreTel that is simply passing on the analog audio it gets from the POTS line connection.