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  • ShoreTel 14.2 - Configure Call Recording / Email or Save Recording


    I am hoping someone can assist me in configuring the recording of phone calls and emailing the .wav file to a user and/or save to a shared location.

    I have had this working previously but I can't remember where to configure everything in Director, which seems convoluted at best sometimes.

    There are a few things I have done;
    - Handsets have the button configured to record calls.
    - User has been marked to 'allow recording of own calls'.
    - Mailbox for recorded calls is completed with users own mailbox at the moment.
    - SMTP Service seems to be ok, it is the Server IP that Director resides and this should send on to Exchange Server (which allows anonymous relaying from this range).

    The problem is that the user is not getting the email, for either recorded calls or voicemail, therefore I tend to think it is either an SMTP relay issue or some setting/configuration that I have overlooked within Director.

    Once I have confidence the ShoreTel side of things is done correctly, in the meantime I will interrogate the Exchange logs to see if it is being blocked there.

    Any assistance/direction would be muchly appreciated.


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    Thought I would start with Voicemail, get that working first, then worry about recorded calls. I have checked IIS and the default site is using correct IP for SMTP. I have got Voicemail working correctly in that it saves messages and can be retrieved from handset. However, after setting it to email the voice message, nothing appears to be happening.
    Update: Resolution to mail flow was the SMTP Server being configured in IIS 6.0 Manager on the Virtual Server. For anyone interested you would need to already have a receive connector on Exchange that allows this...but thats another 'how to' post in itself.
    Now onto the Call Recording.
    Update: Done.
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