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  • External Phone Number Dials Our Auto Assistant

    I just joined, hoping desperately someone maybe has an idea of what I can do to resolve my problem. It's kind of a last ditch effort, I'll admit. When you call our corporate number, you get the usual options to dial a number to do various functions. So, there is a different external number that, when called, dials into our auto assistant as well for some reason. Our receptionist tells me that people trying to reach other companies have told her they called this external number and reached our business line. This is not one of our numbers. In fact, I can't find the number referenced on any company website.

    Long story short, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way to get this to stop from within Shoretel. I know it's external, but I'm kind of grasping at straws at this point. I tried looking up what company owns the phone block of numbers and it appears to be YMax Communications, the makers of MagicJack. Unfortunately their customer service is worthless. I tried asking if they can locate the owner and ask them to change whatever setting they have directing the number to ours, but they didn't seem to understand what I was asking.

    So, if anyone else has any ideas, I'd appreciate hearing them.

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    You said external number, and then block of numbers - are people reporting they tried calling 1 specific phone number and got to your business? When you have the trunk test tool open, and try calling one of those number(s) what does either the DID digits or DNIS digits show when you right click on the call in trunk test tool and click the "call information" tab? If this is truly coming from a forward from someone else who is forwarding their calls to your business, if it's a number not in use you could DNIS map or assign the DID to an auto-attendant that either hangs up or plays some message before hanging up.


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      As Augie said it is probably being accidentaly forwarded to one of your DID numbers and your block of DID probably has that Auto Attendant set as the default inbound destination for any unassigned numbers. Figure out which of those numbers it is pointing at via the trunk test tool and burn that number to an AA that hangs up or gives a message saying if you are trying to dial Magic Jack hangup and dial the correct number you give them on the message. Or keep calling Magic Jack and ask who runs the Call Center and that person would know how to fix the error.
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        iv'e had the issue where someone (aka another phone system) was using one of my shoretel/mitel customers DID's as their outbound CID so when who ever they were calling would call the number back. so it would ring the customers shoretel, one day there were like 500 inbound calls that were from people all over the US. so we just DNIS mapped the DID to a dummy auto attendant.