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  • Instant Messaging not working for many users.

    Instant Messaging dropping in and out for a user or two has been a chronic issue for a long time now. But restarting the communicator, computer, or even the IM appliance has always resolved the problem. However, suddenly it's no longer working for nearly half the user base. The option doesn't even appear in their communicator. They're on one of the latest 14.2 builds. No really sure how to go about troubleshooting this. Clients can ping the device just fine and there aren't any apparent connectivity errors. Device has been burnflashed.
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    The simply check is to ensure all Users are set Instant Messaging Service Appliance in their User profile.
    Are you using a FQDN or just IP address of the SA Appliance for IM? Ensure the System Parameters-> Other--> IM Domain name is just the company FQDN. Example:, NOT
    If your using the full FQDN, ensure you internal DNS is set properly.
    Hope that helps


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      Thank you. The FQDN/DNS/Domain/User profile configurations have all been checked and verified. Pings tests checked out every which way. The appliance has been burnflashed. Conferencing works fine and the web page for the appliance loads. It started off with about half the users not working and apparently now it's everyone.