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  • Block unwanted numbers

    We are getting an increasing amount of ROBOT calls

    Any ideas how we can block them on shore tel?


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    Short of funneling through a user profile with professional so you can build a bad number list to route to an AA that hangs up, not much we can do.

    We are now getting tons of bad calls on cell phones as well, until the government steps in and stops allowing these guys go get away with it they will only get worse. They have the originating IP and circuit numbers and they can easily check those against the numbers they are spoofing. A few carriers are starting to work on this prior to the government stepping in. Google robo calls or spam calls and you will see a ton of stuff going on around that problem.
    Randy Wensmann
    [email protected]
    (408) 385-3485


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      We use the Nuisance Call Handler


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        Nuisance Call Handler works well, just not something you can do for free. Your ShoreTel / Mitel partner can help you with purchasing that.
        Randy Wensmann
        [email protected]
        (408) 385-3485


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          A simple auto attendant with an option for English and Spanish filters out most Robo calls.

          Just make English option 2 and Spanish option 8. Make all other options disconnect the call as the robo callers are now being programmed to press 1 every 3 seconds until they make it into your call queue.

          I have watched these auto dialers and the dam calls will sit in your system for 2-3 minutes before disconnecting.

          No big deal you may say if your not being bothered, but if you have toll free numbers this eats up usage.

          Take a 3 minute robo call at 2 cents per minute and the call costs you 6 cents.

          Just adding an English/Spanish menu option with a quick time out, has shaved about $400/mo off my phone bill. I have over 4000 toll free numbers.

          And i done take any Spanish calls. Itís a test to prove I have a real human on the phone