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  • Disable PCMU

    Fairly new Shoretel administrator here, having a frustrating time with call quality issues. We are UK based so don't need to use uLaw companding, yet it appears this codec as it is a default cannot be removed in any way shape or form? The system reports no issues with calls using PCMA (pretty much 99% of calls that use PCMA get a MOS score of 4.4/4.5 with no delay, jitter, etc) whenever calls are made using PCMU there is always some kind of issue with delay, jitter, etc. Don't get me wrong sometimes we also get fairly good MOS scores with PCMU it's just the majority of the time not. I have tried creating custom codec lists and pushed PCMU down the list as far as I can but this makes no difference. Why can it not be disabled? I get the US based pedigree/legacy of the system but this just seems unintuitive to me that it cannot be disabled or even removed for those who reside in an ETSI part of the world??