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  • Shoretel Director 14.2 - running a report to see which users are using IM

    Hello Everyone,

    New user on here. I just wanted to see if there was a way on director (Build 19.49.5200.0) to see which users are using IM currently (or who has signed in within the past 6 months) So far all I've found is the number of people currently on and the peak total.


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    There's no report as such - in 21.90.9738 you can run a export of the users and see who has im assigned (last column)
    Extension FirstName LastName GuiLoginName GUIPassword TUIPassword UserLicenseType CallerID UserGroup Site Language VMServer CallStackSize AcceptBroadcasts MakeNumberPrivate DialByName FaxSupport AllowSoftPhone ClientType EmailDomain ConferenceServer ConferenceServerUserID ConferenceServerPassword RingType CallWaitingToneEnabled HeadsetAudioPath PSTNFailOverType PSTNFailOverNumber HeadsetMode DIDRange DIDNumber VoiceMailboxForRecordedCalls MustChangeTUIPassword HomePhoneMACAddress HomePhoneNumber WorkPhoneNumber PagerPhoneNumber CellPhoneNumber FaxPhoneNumber LdapUser LdapGuid NTLoginName AllowPapi AllowVideoCalls AllowTelephonyPresence SIPPassword MustChangeGUIPassword MustRecordName IMServer


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      Thanks Mikey. Appreciate the tip. We'll check out the reporting functionality.