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  • Desk Phone goes to Anonymous when Using Softphone

    Hi All,

    I'm a brand new Administrator of a Shoretel (Mitel) system. When I log into my machine in the morning and my softphone launches, my deskphone displays as "Anonymous". When I turn my computer off for the day, my extension and information appears back on the deskphone again. Is there any way to use both throughout the day? I'm sure there is, as our operator is doing this, I'm just not sure where the setting is in Director.


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    You cannot log into two devices at once, if the receptionist is doing that they are either using just the client and not soft phone to work with the desk phone or they have two extensions?
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      I see what you're saying.

      What she is doing is using the Connect client to do all the transfers by dragging and dropping the calls, but she is using the deskphone to capture the audio. I guess what I am trying to do is capture the audio through both the softphone and deskphone, but that doesn't seem possible. She only has one extension.


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        Hi. The only way to have audio split between multiple devices is to have simultaneous ring configured. However; the audio only goes to the device you answer on first. The other device has to have a different extension number. The devices can be SIP phones on an Android, Windows or iOS device.


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          Thank you. I understand what you're saying. We do this with the Mitel Connect iOS/Android app