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  • Continuous Ghost Calls

    We are experiencing inconsistent ghost calls on particular days. By this I mean calls are coming in with no one on the other end and all we get for caller ID is the letter "P". I've reached out to my support who believes it is a carrier issue as all of these calls originate from our PRI and we have an open case with our carrier. However I wanted to see if anyone has seen anything like this before. Yesterday I had 3 users at a site receive almost 200 calls that were triggered about every 30 seconds and it is getting frustrating. Anyone have any thoughts?

    Attached is a screenshot of the call log.

    Attached Files

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    I've got a site with a similar issue that started after we switch from 2 PRI's on one fiber to 2 PRI's on separate fiber for redundancy. We are getting calls with 12-15 digits for the caller ID so it's a little different than your issue. These are SIP PRI's from Level 3 coming off of an Adtran for what it's worth. It does seem like a carrier issue as nothing changed on the Shoretel side when we did this. They have not been able to correct the issue.

    We had already had the Nuisance Call Handler app installed and just added the numbers to that to route them to a hangup AA. If you have communicator installed with these users you can setup a call handling rule that reroutes them to an AA than just times out and hangs up.


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      Thanks, thats a good idea. I will give that a go.