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  • Canned greetings

    Looking for the canned greetings... i.e. for the AA dial by name... the one where system says to "spell the (first or last) name of the person your looking for".. customer wants to replace this with their own. Can not seem to find anywhere that a wav file is stored for this so not sure if this is possible or not.

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    Its not possible they are encrypted and hidden I haven't managed to find them


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      All system prompts are part of one large custom audio file that the appliance or server then plays you a slice of when it needs one of the prompts. Changing them is possible, but hideously difficult since you have to (1) know how to edit the file without harming it - being unsupported and custom and all that, and (2) replace the prompt with one of exactly the same length so all of the slices that are hard coded still give the right message and (3) get a voice and audio quality for the recording that is professional enough and close enough to the defaults that it does not make the whole thing sound flaky.

      Our advice is always that attempting to change those would be prohibitively expensive because of the complicating factors.


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        Thanks for the answers .....Think I'm going with the "can't be done"...not sure I want to attempt to modify it.