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  • mrp
    We had this issue as well when we upgraded from 14.2 to Connect. If you contact TAC they have mysql script that can delete those speed dials. In our case we didn't use them very much but they were messing up caller ID and we just wanted to get rid of them. Once they are deleted you will need to send a resync trigger to the database - TAC can help with this as well.

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  • tomh60
    Speed Dials have been removed in Connect if you read the migration docs there is mention of this in there

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  • jcoyer
    Not sure if this is what you are looking for but..... In the Mitel director under the users/Users tab, you will see the "view Programmable Buttons" tab. This will show the programmed buttons for user. You can click and add speed dial keys here.

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  • phonetech2019
    started a topic Communicator Speed Dials in Connect Client

    Communicator Speed Dials in Connect Client

    I have been unable to find anything on this, hopefully someone here can help.

    Back in 14.2, Communicator had a Speed Dial tab. One of our users used this feature and had several speed dial entries.

    We recently upgraded to Connect 21.90.4127.0 and Connect Client 213.100.3371.0. On inbound calls from numbers that were in her speed dial entries, the Connect Client displays the name associated with the speed dial, so somehow, her speed dial entries are still in the system. But we cannot find any of these entries in the Connect Client. Unless I'm just missing it, I can't seem to find this anywhere in the Connect Client. Any ideas how to get to these existing speed dial entries so they can be changed or deleted? They are not listed under Contacts, and they don't come up when using the search bar at the top of the Connect Client, and these are not in the user's Outlook contacts.

    Did ShoreTel/Mitel rename this feature in the Connect Client? Did they leave the ability to read existing entries but take away the ability to add/edit them?