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  • Blind Transfer Error


    I'm a relatively new Shoretel admin. I know how to navigate ShoreTel Director to make changes to phones and call controls, but I don't have a solid telecom background.

    We have an issue where blind transfers won't work, either through phone or ShoreTel Communicator. We get incoming calls from customers and when we attempt to transfer to a phone number we get an error and the call doesn't transfer. On the phone, it says "The operation failed for unspecified reasons". On Communicator, a notification message says "Transfer Blind: A public telephone network error has occurred". Is this an issue with our phone service provider? We are on Build 19.45.1602.0

    Thank you

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    are you transferring the call to an extension or are you trying to transfer the call to a 10 digit number? When transfering a call you shouldn't need to transfer to a 10 digit number, just to the destination extension (user, hunt group, work group, etc..).


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      Sorry, wasn't clear.
      Trying to transfer calls to 10 digit number (dialing 9 first for outbound calls). No issue with transferring to extensions.


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        Do you have trunk to trunk transfer enabled in COS for the usergroup ?


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          Originally posted by Soulsanctu View Post
          Do you have trunk to trunk transfer enabled in COS for the usergroup ?
          Yes, I double-checked each Telephony COS and "Allow Trunk-to-Trunk Transfer" is checked.


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            Do you have a full or fractional T1 Circuit, I know in UK we can have issues when connected to a fractional E1 but the Switch is configured with all channels? If fractional T1 remove the the unused channels on the T1 switch