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  • configuring Shifts.

    I have a situation where an ECC agent was left logged in and ready after the end of the day. Then when someone called our emergency line afterhours, it when to her extn for which she is configured for auto answer. so the caller experienced one ring and then silence but an active call.
    If they had used the auto-attendant this would interflow correction. But the dialed the direct in dial number which is set to go to the

    This should have interflowed out but it currently only set up to do that when everyone is logged out.

    Is configuring a Shift and destination for this ACD group the right way to stop this from happening again in case someone leaves themselves logged in? Is there some other way to make the system identify a direct in dial and interflow or auto-transfer out to an external system after 5pm?

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    You could use shifts but personally I would use GCCS scripting to control time of day call routing.