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  • Outbound calls on softphone are answered but no audio

    A work from home user using a vpn and a softphone with headset is having issues with outbound calls. When she calls out the person receiving the call will answer. The call is connected but neither can hear the other. If the caller calls her back the phone call works fine. INternal calls work perfect. When I tested it she called my cellphone and it works fine. So something is funky about how it is calling out.

    Has anyone experienced this? I tried restarting her computer (resetting VPN and shoretel connection) with no luck.

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    This sounds like either a port or IP blocking scenario where the audio comes from one device and the call setup from another and the audio is not allowed through VPN (or some part of the routing to it) either via IP or port. I would do a capture of both ends of the call and check to make sure where you are losing the audio that way.


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      Are you using SIP trunks, PRI ? What do you have a security device between this VPN user and the ShoreTel trunk switch?? What and who are you using for your VPN? Does the call to your cell still work but others don't?


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        Everything is POTS lines. We are using a Sonicwall router with a vpn back to the remote user. The call works fine to my cell phone. I was remotely connected to her PC and called one of the numbers she said this was happening to. I tied myself into the call back at the office with a conference and could hear the call go to voicemail on the problem number. I asked her what she heard and she said nothing. hmm


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          It turns out the VPN settings needed changed to allow the user access to a couple different branch networks. So this whole time the user couldn't call members of a couple of our other branches. It went straight to voicemail every time.