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  • New user profile changes to the wrong site after being saved.

    We have several sites but for this problem we are only talking about 3 of them. Site A is HQ it has a VM server, Site B has a secondary VM server and Site C is where the user is going it does not have a VM server just a branch site kind of thing. A new employee started he works for Site C I setup his profile so he has all the correct information for Site C including using the Site B VM server and under Site section on his profile I set it as Site C. All the info on the profile is correct I hit save and as soon as it saves it sets his Site as Site A not C, why is this happening? At the time I set up his profile he did not have a phone assigned to him.

    We are using Shoretel Director Build 19.46.7601.0 I recently replaced the last person that was in charge of the Shoretel system and it is a big mess that person would just copy a user profile and make the new user and so I keep finding user profile that have access to things they shouldn't and on the wrong VM servers, wrong sites. So because of all that I decided to just start making profiles from scratch so I know they have what they need and nothing else. That's how I came across this problem

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    You need to assign them to a phone at site C if you want the use to be assigned to that site. Otherwise it defaults to site A.