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  • User can't logon because DVS and Director cannot agree

    I have one user that hot desk from one site to another and back. His extension has moved back to his primary phone. However, the connect client gets stuck after he clicks the login button. I pressed F12 to see what the network traffic looks like from chrome debug and director tells the client to go to the DVS server. The DVS server then says the "home-CAS" is director. Rinse and repeat. Any ideas?

    I have disable AD integration, moved his extension to another phone, another site. Seems like in a loop between director and dvs server.

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    What site is he assigned to? and what switch is the phone he is using assigned to? Which server is the managing server for the switch? Basically they should all line up.

    Or delete the user profile and recreate it.


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      Called support. Had something to do with bootstrapper database needing rebuilt. Switch not knowing which site user belonged to?


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        Have the same problem here with one of my customers. Workaround is to delete the user and add it again at the correct site.

        Do you perhaps have a little more info what TAC did to fix this?


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          I can't remember exactly but there is a registry key called rebuildbootstrap or something like that in the HKLM\software\shoretel\bootstrap or something.... You set it from 1 to 0 or 0 to 1 and restart the bootstrapper service that runs on director. You might need to reboot the switch after that. Sorry I can remember exactly and we switched VARs so I don't have access to the helpdesk system anymore.


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            Thanks a lot! With your memory fragments I was able to find it.

            The registry key is in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Shoreline Teleworks\ABC\bootstrapper and the name is RebuildBootstrapperDB. Set it to 1 and restart service ShoreTel-BootstrapperService. The key is set back to 0 automatically.