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  • Unable to set switches to be managed by HQ Server

    So we have multiple switches that we can't set to be managed by our HQ server. When we log into the switch, we see a repeating error of failed.. 3997700. We've also noticed that on our Contact Center Server, we see an Event 228 Device ID Missing and TAC believes they are related. The events and switches are all at the same sites. We have noticed a large amount of UDP packet loss and our network team is working on that. Below is the error from the switch. We are running the latest build of Connect & Contact Center Director. The servers are all Server 2012 R2. Thoughts?

    Connect Director: Build:21.90.4128.0 Enterprise Edition
    Contact Center Director: Build: 507.85.3221.0

    -> failed.. 3997700
    NEC_CONNECT[EXT] from, c0a8091f to c0a88867, prior was, connect new sock 144, up failed
    not setting cntrl and serverip as connect failed
    tmsd_svc_ping_tms clnt_handle not valid
    tmsd_svc_tms_connection_down(EXT, "expired_timers SUN FEB 03 16:16:24 2019", -1): conn 1, rp# 276 []
    NEC_RELEASE_CCO, from external TMS, ncc_fd= 124
    ERROR: src=TMSD, eventid=0xc100006c , str=(TMSD: error in function tmsd_svc_tms_connection_up(), failed to create rpc client)

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    Network connectivity issue. The switch can't see the server "as connect failed", "tms_connection_down" and since you said you have network issues. It's quite clear. Even it you were to sucessfully send an ICMP ping that would only be on a specific port. Shoretel has many other port requirements before a successful connection can be made.

    Check it again after your network people are done.