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  • Database Maintenance - Is there any recommended?


    We've got a customer with a system that has some very slow report-generation happening. Is there any database maintenance that should be run on a regular basis, like most/all sql databases? I can't find anything recommended by ShoreTel/Mitel...

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    As you say there is nothing documented that I am aware of. There is a tool to compact the DB and recover excess space, but I have not done that enough times (mostly because it is generally unnecessary) to note if there was a performance difference after it was done.


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      Is this occurring on the UC or ECC system, in either case the recommendations are not to generate reports at busy times and there should be some information on the amount ECC reports that can safely be generated in the ECC Admin Guide. Another thing to look at is does your Customer's Servers meet the minimum requirements for the versions of software they are running?


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        What hardware is the server running on, how large is the system, (users) and what is the scope of the report that they are generating?