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  • Downgrading Phone firmware.

    I built a test environment to practice the migration from 14.2 to Connect. I upgraded successfully but I needed to test some other stuff on 14.2, I reverted my VM but now my test phones are stuck. They won’t communicate or reset. Is there a way to reload the old firmware on these phones? They are IP 655 and 230 phones.

    Also once you upgrade a voice switch is there a way to revert? I have an SG50 that I want to use.

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    They both should upgrade or downgrade based on the server. Did you do a Mute Clear # command on the phones, are you using scope option 156?
    Randy Wensmann
    [email protected]
    (408) 385-3485


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      Using option 156, and yes I try Mute +25327 and Mute + 772667 no luck.
      The phone is still showing the user settings even if on the server I removed the user from the phone and removed the phone registration from the system. is odd. my IP 420 and 480 phones are reverting fine is just my 655 and 230's. Is there a way to manually install the older firmware on the phone?


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        After the rramos (772667) is done properly there should not be any user settings in a phone left. Did you do a reset from inside factory mode?