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  • 14.2 -> Connect build 21.90.4128.0 upgrade causing HQ voicemail to fail

    I'm posting this up out here to get an idea of how many people have experienced this...

    We've moved two customers to Connect from 14.2 on build 21.90.4128.0. They are both experiencing randomly where HQ stops answering calls to voicemail extension, and you've got to reboot the server to restore voicemail functionality. We have moved a lot of people to 4128 who were already on Connect and haven't had the issue. Has anyone seen this yet? We're working with TAC which has produced no solution yet...

    Guess I should add they were both on Server 2012R2. Clean uninstall/reinstall had no affect.
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    I have seen this issue with the client but not the actual voice mail directly. Keep us posted I would like see what gets found.
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      Had same issue last week. Restore you old 14.2 backup them upgrade to R1803. It works every time. When I tried upgrading from R1803 to R1807 it still failed.


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        Waiting on developers in India to use their heads and figure out what the heck is going on. One customer requested we move to Server 2016, and since haven't had the same issue happen again, BUT it hasn't been but a few days yet. We're not upgrading anyone to 4128 build from 14.2 at this point.

        Thanks for the info fromero. I will say R1803 (21.87.9727.0) was a hot mess. We stay far away from that build if possible. Here are some memorable moments from that build:

        First build where 400 series phones started to crash (still an issue currently and it's been over 8 months!!!)
        History on client breaks randomly
        Playing voicemail from client breaks for some users
        Playing voicemail from visual voicemail breaks for some users
        SA can't archive IM's to HQ because of cipher mismatch
        Can't install remote server on Server 2016, TAPI broken
        Upgrade to R1803 on Server 2016 requires uninstall/reinstall to fix TAPI
        Sometimes up to 60 second delay when deleting voicemails from client
        Upgrade to R1803 requires uninstall/reinstall to fix Outlook contacts to sync
        Upgrade to R1803 from R1801 breaks workgroup queue prompts from playing (hotfix available)
        VMWebservice won't install if no internet connectivity to HQ OR service will get stuck in paused state and not be able to resume

        I could keep going...


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          There are a total of 4 customers I know having this issue now on 4128. This is certainly a defect at this point.