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  • Trunk Activity Detail Report: Internal calls from a specific extension


    In our Trunk Activity Detail report for the day, the vast majority of calls in the "Calling #" column are external 10-digit phone numbers, and the "In/Out" column lists says In. In the cases where we see an internal extension for Calling #, we usually see Out under In/Out with an external 10-digit phone number under "Dialed #." This is all very much expected. The internal extension under "Dialed #" is usually just our auto-attendant.

    However, sometimes we see a line where both the "Calling #" and "Dialed #" are an internal extension. Why would these show up in the Trunk Activity report? We are stumped by this especially since the owner of the "Calling #" extension says he didn't make any calls at those times and was at his desk.

    Can anyone suggest a scenario that what would cause entries in the report to appear this way?


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    Was the call forwarded by the system to say his cell phone and that is why he does not think he dialed it?
    Randy Wensmann
    (408) 385-3485


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      Maybe someone has simultaneous phones or findme configured with an external second number, but the call was answered internally?