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  • Shoretel and Cloudgenix

    Is anyone running a Cloudgenix box on their Shoretel network? We have been running CloudGenix boxes for our SDWAN, and for some reason it keeps routing Shoretel UDP traffic incorrectly. Anyone having similar issues?

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    we put cloudgenix in at some of our sites and have some random connectivity issues. sometimes my status and maint appliance screen shows devices down and no info, when in fact they are not. clearing flows sometimes kicks mitel somehow to reestablish communications. our network engineer changed the default clouldgenix timeout from 3600 to 10, which was very bad (could not see any cloudgenix sites and caused problems for ALL sites even none CG sites) and finally landed on 60 seconds for timeout. seems to be functioning somewhat but i still feel like i am playing whack -a-mole