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  • Voicemail message slow in playback

    Several users on ShoreTel 14.5 system - same, single site but multiple (three Voicemail servers) - have been reporting playback of NEW voicemail messages slow and sometime garbled. Does NOT appear to be everyone (100+ users in this site) and only new messages coming in since yesterday. Old messages appear to play back fine.

    HQ Server and three VM servers have been rebooted last night but to no effect.

    Test shows that forwarding a slow message, the "slowness" goes with the message, and a good clean message does not appear to get "corrupted" (slows down).when forwarded.

    Greatly disturbing to users since voicemail is so highly used.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Do you see resources on the servers pegged out? Did you reboot the switches as well? When you call any of the menus are they playing back to you all garbled? Any other intermittent network issues? Is this on PRI's or SIP trunks?
    Randy Wensmann
    (408) 385-3485


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      I'm sorry NCS. I had this issue a few years ago, but I can't remember how it was resolved.


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        Check your VM resources and general system performance (cores, memory).


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          Thanks for the responses. We were told by our local vendor to (also) check VM resources and general system and network performance. My Network Engineer - whom I trust - swears up and down resources in all areas looked fine and there was no over taxing anywhere. When we were troubleshooting with the vendor, we initially had them restart ALL ShoreTel switches. First level troubleshooting, right? That didn't seem to do anything - or at least the slow playback didn't rear its ugly head for a day or two. But then came back. After management started screaming and demanding fixes - in a desperate act - we had the vendor RE-restart all the switches and services. I don't know what was different from the first restart of services to this second one, but that seemed to do the trick. That was over 2018 Christmas. Since that time, no other reports have come in from users on slowed down voicemails (knock on wood). The tech in me says without a definable culprit and fix, this will come back again one day. So in my mind it was fixed, but not really fixed.