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  • Upgrading to server 2012

    I'm looking for a sanity check.

    Any reason I can't roll a new server with windows 2012, install Director onto it and load the configuration of my production server from one of the backups onto this new one?

    Assuming I'll want to have the Director services on my production server off after I complete loading the backup to the new server?

    Then i'll rename the new server and change it's IP to the production's and mothball the old one.

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    Well the process is very specific, but not actually hard. We do that failly regularly for customers, you just have to keep all the pieces in the right order to avoid creating yourself a problem. In our best experiences the process has gone something like the following...
    1. Build new ShoreTel server following the admin/PIG recommendations for your OS (which must be supported on your current ShoreTel Build)
    2. Take backup of old shoretel server (DB dump, CDR dump & copy of entire shoreline data folder)
    3. Stop shoretel services on old server (preferably with the example batch file that disables those services so that if the box get's rebooted they don't come back on)
    4. Move old server to another IP
    5. Move new server to HQ IP (change in director, then registry, then NIC, then reboot)
    6. Make sure new server has functioning (but empty) ShoreTel install
    7. Import ShoreTel DB & CDR DB
    8. Verify programming looks right
    9. Stop all services on new server (quickinstall -stopall from cmd)
    10. Copy shoreline data folder contents from old server into new server
    11. Restart all services on new server (quickinstall -startall from cmd)
    12. Reboot server
    13. Verify functionality