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  • Logging into workgroups on communicator or 420 phone

    Seems simple, but our original installers are MIA and we need to get some basic assistance.

    We have some phones on which we've programmed the workgroup login and logout to buttons. We've now had to add a couple of people who have the more simplistic 420 phones to work groups.

    There aren't any programmable buttons on this phone. We added the login/logout to one of the toolbars in communicator - but it is grayed out for all users.

    - How do we make the button active and useful in communicator?
    - How can we login directly from the 420 phone?

    As of now, we are forced to have person with Agent Monitor running manually log people in and out - which is a horrible arrangement.

    Any help appreciated!

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    The buttons on communicator won't work unless you have the workgroup agent license i think, you can copy the buttons from the phones that have them to the new phones so they are on them that way


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      I'll check into the workgroup agent license limitation and see if that works.

      The phones with which we are having problems are 420 sets. Those don't have any programmable buttons. Our 480 phones have the buttons programmed and they are fine.

      Does anyone know if there is a key sequence for logging in and out of a workgroup? I'm thinking that there must be a key sequence such as PARK = *11+extension


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        There is not a key sequence to log in and out of work groups. If you give them a workgroup agent license they can log in and out via the communicator client.