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  • Incoming call quality not as clear as outgoing.

    I have AT&T IP Flex SIP on a ST100DA switch. My problem is that all of my incoming calls seem to have some static type of artifacts in the voice. It isn't inaudible, but it does make it difficult to sometimes understand the caller, especially if they have an accent. I'm new to this system so bare with me. During my testing I have played with changing codecs. AT&T told me I should be using G711. The default AT&T Codec has PCMU/8000 (G711) first and G729 second. Looking at my TmsNcc logs it seems that incoming calls are coming in as G729 and outgoing is PCMU/8000, which makes sense that outgoing is G711 since outgoing calls are crystal clear. I swapped the codec order and had G729 first, then I had the same static artifacts on both incoming and outgoing calls. If I flip it back then its just incoming again. I can't for the life of my figure out a way to have incoming calls come in on PCMU/8000. I've even created a test codec that only lists PCMU/8000, but looking at the TmsNcc log, it still shows G729 which makes no sense to me. AT&T says that they don't control that and its a PBX issue. I'm a bit lost. Its been doing this since day one (5/22). Both AT&T and Mitel at one point were pointing at QoS, But I would think that my call issue would happen both ways, not just incoming. I've even tried it with only the server, ST100SA and an IP480 phone on the network, no changes. Oh, I am not using an Ingate SIParator, its running native. I'd really prefer not to have to purchase another piece of hardware if I don't have to. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    So you made a test codec list with G711 only - are you applying that list to inter AND intra site calls on the site page(s)?