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  • WorkGroup Queue - not showing second caller is ringing


    First time poster but constantly read the forums as it's a great source for solutions! We currently have a shoretel system running 19.44.7900. We have a work group that includes one agent, the receptionist and also has a queue setup. A few weeks ago she says that when she is on the call to someone and someone else calls, the button on the phone would flash allowing her to pick it up (which makes sense), now, the call just goes directly to the queue (as I have test called, it doesn't ring, it just goes straight to the queue) - but she has no idea that someone else is calling. I can see in queue handling that "Allow agents to pickup from the queue" is ticked, it's set to ring 3 times, but honestly, nothing has been changed in the last few weeks (most of the time things just work so we leave it as it is).

    Not sure if anyone has any suggestions as to what this might be?

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    The calls to the WG will not ring this agent...nor will it flash the button on the phone if the agent is on a call. If it is set to go to a queue then that is where it will go. The agent can view the queue in communicator and answer the call but not from the phone. A call not from the WG number...i.e. a call direct to this ext WILL ring in on the second call appearance and allow the user to put the call on hold an answer it.


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      Thanks Soulsanctu, that makes sense, there was a part of me that thought this may have been the case but can;t really tell a user that they are somewhat "wrong" as to what "used" to happen. Looks like when she was on the a call, someone was trying to ring direct to her and that's why occasionally the button would light up. I appreciated the response