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  • Outlook Contacts not syncing to Mitel Connect

    We just upgraded to the newer Mitel Connect from ShoreTel 14.2. We are having some users whose Outlook contacts are not syncing to Mitel Connect and I have some users whose Outlook contacts are syning fine. All setttings in Mitel Connect and Outlook are the same for all users. I have looked in the ContactUploadAddIn-180703 Log but not really sure what to look for. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    What version of Outlook for the users having issues? If you click in the place you dial a number from on the client, and hold CTRL+SHIFT+F12, a menu will open that can help you indicate if it's working or not. Under "Personal Contact Data" you should see "Outlook AddInn Status" and "Contact Synchronizer" should be enabled. Under "CAS Contact Statistics" you should see "Upload Sources" and if Outlook contacts are syncing you should see a number to the right in parenthesis which is the number of contacts currently synced. Outlook needs to be opened in order to sync. Open Outlook and make sure in the "Add-ins" page under Outlook Options none of the ShoreTel add-ins are in the "Inactive Application Add-ins" list. If all that checks out, I would completely remove ShoreTel, any folders that are left over in the user profile, any folders that are left in program files, and delete the registry settings, and try to start fresh again. If the above fails, upload your "ContactUploadAddIn" log file and maybe someone can interpret what's broke.


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      An update on this - this appears to be a defect if you're moving from the 14.2 platform to the latest build of Connect (21.87.9727.0). The workaround is to uninstall/reinstall the software on the server. Will be fixed in a later build.


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        Hi Augie,

        Do you know where you found this info about the bug when upgrading from 14.2? I would like to read it and see more about the workaround. Thanks!


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          This bug has been fixed now in the latest build:

          ENG-547041 Newly created contacts from outlook are not syncing with fresh installed Connect Client