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  • Member availability within a hunt group

    I am fumbling through and figuring out stuff as I go along, but I am looking for advise on the best way to handle a hunt group members availability state. We have incoming calls sent to a hunt group. Within the hunt group I have 3 members. It routes top down to our receptionist, then to another user in the office, then it goes to my parts counter workgroup. For the last two days my receptionist has been on vacation. My user 2nd on the list doesn't start until an hour after we open. My receptionist starts at opening and its not really that busy during that first hour so timing of the 2nd user was really a non issue. What I did yesterday and today was change the trunk destination to the parts counter workgroup directly for the first hour then back to the hunt group for the remainder of the day, I also removed my receptionist as a member of that hunt group to limit the callers time of answer. What I'd prefer to do is setup the 2nd users availability state from out of office when she is not there to available at about the time she gets in via a schedule and I would like to have the option of manually changing the availability state of my receptionist to something other than available and having the calls skip the first two users if they are unavailable and go right to my parts counter workgroup vs it hitting my receptionist and seeing that she is unavailable and going directly to her voicemail, since 98% of my calls are meant to go to my parts workgroup anyway. I thought about maybe having it go to an 'office' workgroup as the first member of the hunt group then parts counter as the second member, or possibly having incoming calls go to the office workgroup directly then route to parts counter workgroup. The thing is that I am already having issues with everyone being tech challenged and understanding differences between parking and hold or how to page and things like that, I will never get them to understand how to log themselves on or off a workgroup. I added 5 programmable buttons on the phones to make it easier for them to do basic things. Adding a logoff and logon button will just add to confusion, and if they forget to do either then we have more issues. I'd like to work off of preset schedules so it will require no interaction from them and little to none from me once its setup. Not sure if this is even possible. Just now thought of something. Maybe I can setup a customs availability state for my receptionist that does nothing but forward the call to the 2nd user in the hunt group, and setup a custom availability state for my 2nd user that does nothing but forward calls to my parts counter workgroup when her availability is set to custom via a schedule. Curious on thoughts. Thanks in advance

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    If you know they are not going to be there for a few days or a week, just turn the group to simultaneous ring. If you don't want their phones being heard put them in Meeting mode.
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      jtoro2716 there is an option within the hunt group configuration "Call member when forwarding all calls" if you uncheck this box and ensure that the members you don't want to ring is set to Forward All to Voicemail (for example) when a new call comes in it will bypass those extensions. I usually get the User to use the Custom Mode which is forwarded to their mailbox. Unchecking this option above gives a pseudo login/logout feature on a hunt group