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  • No More Support Directly From Mitel?

    Anyone else notice now that you can login to oneview via MiAccess (only took over a week)

    If you try and look at your past cases you get:

    Please contact your Mitel Partner for support.

    And If you click the Contact Support you get:

    Please notify your support partner for any questions or issues.

    I am going to say this is very concerning I mean we all pay for support yet now you can't go directly to Mitel for support. As we all know TAC has been bad for awhile but now nothing at all?

    I know personalty I am concerned if they are pushing all support to the partners does that mean all the former ShoreTel products are about to be discontinued by Mitel.

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    I have the same concern, my old ShoreTel partner was awesome, once they became part of Mitel it's been nothing but nightmares trying to get RMAs or even buy equipment. Mitel keeps saying they have no intentions of killing ShoreTel but based on how hard it's been to get equipment lately I have a feeling they're lying.


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      I contacted my VAR, they contacted Mitel, and then my access to past cases and ability to open new cases/open RMAs was restored.


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        Shouldn't be any issues buying equipment or licenses, the distributor has not been an issue for us. ShoreTel is not selling direct to partners anymore and moving everything to going through the distributor who in my experience after moving from buying direct was really easy to work with for us as a parnter.
        Randy Wensmann
        (408) 385-3485


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          rwensmann... when you say distributor what are you referring to? In the past we dealt with a partner and they where in the in between party between us and ShoreTel. Are you saying this isn't the case anymore? and we should be purchasing directly from Mitel?


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            No, you still need to purchase from a Partner, the partners at one point could purchase direct from ShoreTel if they were large enough or through distributor (ScanSource), now everyone has to purchase through ScanSource and my experience having switched over is that they are more efficient at processing then me as a partner buying direct from ShoreTel.
            Randy Wensmann
            (408) 385-3485


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              My support log in no longer works.