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  • Communicator Not working with Outlook 2016 or Office 365

    upgraded to the latest 14.2 version. but did not fix office 2016 "32 bit outlook detected" on the command line. Does anyone know of a work around or how to NOT install outlook plugins during initial setup? TIA

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    Try this for the Outlook issue

    issue with communicator is a problem with office 2016 and the official line is Office 2016 needs to be uninstalled, the Shoretel Communicator then needs to be installed and finally reinstall Office. However I have found there is a workaround to this which worked when I encountered this issue on another site last week:

    When “OutlookRegistryFix.exe” is in the title bar
    Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86) and copy the entire Shoretel directory which has been created, this must be before the communicator install fails and copy across to somewhere like the desktop.
    Once the install fails, copy the Shoretel folder previously copied and paste back into original location.
    Now access the Shoretel directory and run “Shoretel.exe”
    You can now configure communicator and connect accordingly, it may be worth copying a shortcut to the desktop for the user.


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      Excellent post!
      This worked for us.

      Too bad there isn't a patch to fix it