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  • sa100 question

    Hi All,

    So we have upgraded to the latest and greatest version and we've picked up on a small issue with one of our sa100's

    I know that we can't create new reservationless meetings any more but any of the old ones should still be visible.

    So one of our MD pa's is having issues with showing anything from the sa it appears to have gone a bit fluffy during the upgrade.

    Is there anyway to recover those old conference details from the sa itself? either via cmd line or any other method?

    Normally I'd say live with it but she can be quite "vocal" to the wrong people....

    Any thoughts?

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    I would think any conference details would be located in the shorewarewebbridge database. I'm sure you took a backup of that database before upgrading I hope =). You could search through that data to find information before it was upgraded. The upgraded database may even show you the same stuff you're looking for.