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  • Connect Client and Outlook Global Address Book

    I cannot figure out how to configure Connect so Outlook Global Address Book Contacts are not listed when a user searches for Name or number to call. I have gone into settings and unchecked Do not open Outlook when adding contact to Connect and unchecked Sync my Outlook Contacts. Any idea how to keep all of these names from showing up. We are using Outlook 2013 and Connect 213.100.2973.0

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    This is hard-coded into the events tab integration with Exchange. Remove the value from Additional Parameters, Collaboration, Exchange Server. This will stop the above from happening.

    It's an extremely annoying feature, IMO. Especially considering these contacts are unique. They are searchable only, they do not transpose Caller ID Name of calls.

    Per ShoreTel TAC Tier 2 support, I have personally been informed that Tier 2 TAC has been informed by ShoreTel's engineering department that this is as-designed. I cannot get them to document this or provide anything other than over-the-phone, "This is as-designed."
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      Thanks for the information. I was hoping it could be configured by user. The front office might like this feature but most people on the manufacturing floor and most other areas would never call anyone in the GAL so it will just be confusing to them. Thanks for the details of how it works.